What is included in 
the Fertility Solved Course?

I realized that MOST clients can't identify 
what is ABNORMAL in their cycles
Because they don't know what NORMAL cycles truly are!

They were told that 25-35 day cycles were normal
They were told that brown bleeding was normal
They were told that mucous wasn't important
They were told that spotting in the cycle is fine
They were told everyone has some pain with cycles


The FERTILITY SOLVED COURSE is a beautiful engaging course that
takes you from Confusion to Understanding about your fertility. 

I have recorded 6 modules worth of concise, 
entertaining, short videos for you to help 
you get to the root cause of your fertility challenges

Module 1

You will learn everything you need to know about a normal cycle. 
What is normal bleeding? What is normal Length of cycle? 
What does normal fertile mucous look like? 
And so much more!

Module 2

You will learn all about what is abnormal. So you can understand where your challenges lie..
What does that brown bleeding mean?
 When cycles are short what is missing? 
Isn't some pain in a cycle normal? 

Module 3

You will learn about all the tests you need to fully evaluate your fertility
Blood tests
Imaging tests
How to interpret them
When exactly to do them..

This is the playbook for testing.

Module 4

You will learn exactly 
how to chart all of the information you are collecting about yourself
so that you can truly
understand how the treatments you will take are
effecting your cycle. 
This is the medical record that tells the story of your
fertility journey. 

Module 5

This is where you learn how to treat your particular challenges. 
Endometriosis, PCOS, 
Low Progesterone, Thyroid Dysfunction, Hashimotos, 
Estrogen abnormalities...
It's all in here. 

Module 6

What else should you be considering to improve your chances?
This section introduces you to the many options for alternative holistic treatment and why they may be of benefit to you. 

What Are Fertility Solved Members Saying About 
The Fertility Solved Course? 

Kristy Malarz

Dr. Monique Ruberu’s Fertility Solved course is loaded with worthwhile information for any couple struggling to conceive. As a patient of Dr Ruberu’s I can attest that she is knowledgeable, compassionate and truly dedicated to her patients. She worked so hard to help me uncover the root cause of my infertility and eventually I was blessed with a baby boy!

For me, infertility was an enormous source of stress and sadness.
What is so wonderful about Dr. Ruberu’s course is that it offers hope that the reasons behind your infertility can be uncovered and treated without IVF.
Fertility Solved is a wonderful first step towards educating yourself about your own fertility and realizing that there is so much that can be done to help a couple conceive that isn’t typically taught or talked about. Whether you have been trying to get pregnant for a few months or several years this course provides hope for all women that conception is still possible 

Kristy Washington

 My husband & I were blessed to go through the course together. We gained so much insight into our fertility. It helped empower us to know what questions to ask & how to practically apply what we learned to start discovering the potential root cause(s) of our secondary infertility. We highly recommend the course, & Dr. Monique Ruberu is a joy who truly cares!

Natalie Blackford

 I really loved Dr. Monique’s fertility courses because she breaks it down so well and makes it easy to understand. You get all the info in one place. It was helpful to learn about it because now I’m more equipped to know what is normal or abnormal part of my cycle & fertility. Thank you so much Dr. Monique! 💛  

Melody Kennedy Harrah

I really enjoyed this course. I love how Dr. Ruberu makes you feel so comfortable. She has a way of explaining things so they make sense. As someone that has been dealing with infertility for many years I found this course to be enlightening. I’ve always thought that my bleeding pattern wasn’t quite right when I have my period, but any other doctor I’ve ever asked about this has said “it’s fine. As long as you’re bleeding.” During this course I was finally able to get some answers and now I know what to ask my doctor to test for!
The nutrition and supplement part of the course is also very helpful.
Overall this is an excellent course! 

Can Fertility Solved help You? Ask Dr. Ruberu...

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